Designing Success

new ways of logistics



The operation of Euroports Logistics Oy, a subsidiary of Euroports Finland founded in September 2018, is based on understanding the business approaches of the customers and combining service design with technological solutions.

Euroports Logistics produces cost-effective, designed service solutions for logistics.

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According to our philosophy, only services based on in-depth understanding can be successful.

In our operation, the starting point in the development of services is the service experience and the needs and objectives of our customers as end-users of the services.

Open cooperation with the customer actively involved at every stage of the service design project is therefore of utmost importance to us.

The best end result is achieved when we incorporate into the design our understanding of your company’s business activities, the end-users of the services, and the development of the services.

Tell us which things you want to change, and what your goals are. We will tell you how we design the service solution that is best suited to your company and cost-effective, through the inclusion of our best experts, the people who use the service, and technology – together.

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We believe that if we treat our employees equally and fairly, respect diversity and individuality, and at the same time communicate our vision and goals clearly and honestly, we can produce the best employee experience possible. An excellent employee experience is also a precondition for the creation of excellent customer experiences and success stories. We want to be the best in that.

At Euroports Logistics, we work together to produce service solutions related to the business activities of our customers. This makes team spirit, team work and inter-team cooperation in the work community the foundation stone of an excellent customer experience. If you want to build success stories with us, follow the “Job vacancies” section of our website. Or send us an open application today.